“Piggy-Backing” in Apex Legends is Now a Bannable Offense

Over the past few weeks, Apex Legends hasn’t received much in the way of content. Instead, developer Respawn is cracking down on cheaters. Since the game’s launch, over a quarter million cheaters have been banned. Now, the Titanfall developer is kicking it up a notch by introducing bans for “piggy-backing” players.


Piggy-backing is a term used by the developers to describe players who leech off their teammates in order to gain experience. As Apex Legends is only available in three-player squads, there are bound to be cases in which the teammates’ skill levels don’t quite match up. However, players who purposely refuse to help their team by not participating in a match need to be dealt with.

According to Respawn, “Piggy-backing is when a player drafts off other players in the squad to carry them to a good position and level up faster but doesn’t actually participate in the match.”

This includes players who hinder their teammates by not picking up weapons, avoiding combat and not dealing any damage.

While kills and wins contribute a lot to the amount of experience earned, staying alive the longest is the way to go. As such, the best way to level up your battle pass in Apex Legends is to maximize survival time.

Respawn states that they will begin issuing temporary, and in extreme cases, permanent bans to those who exhibit piggy-backing behavior.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Hit Registration

Recently, there have been a lot of reports of inconsistent hit registration in Apex Legends. Although the problem is yet to be completely eliminated, Respawn says that the next patch will improve the situation.

“When we squash this thing, our hit detection will be more solid than ever.”

Others prominent issues such as the Fortified bug and slow motion at the start of the match are being addressed. Audio performance, such as stuttering and distortion, as well as footsteps audio is also being worked on.

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