PlayStation Wants to Grow by Undermining Microsoft, According to Phil Spencer

The rivalry between Xbox and PlayStation has not subsided. Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard, developer of the Call of Duty series, is the largest merger in the history of the video game industry. Sony is strongly against the deal and has made sure its voice is heard by regulators in the UK, EU, and US.

In the latest turn of events, Phil Spencer publicly criticizes Sony. He is of the opinion that Sony is attempting to strengthen its position in the console market by working to undermine Microsoft’s dominance in the industry. In an interview with the Second Request podcast, Phil Spencer said that Sony was the “one major opposer to the [Microsoft Activision] deal.

Sony is trying to protect its dominance on the console. The way they grow is by making Xbox smaller. [Sony] has a very different view of the industry than we do. They don’t ship their games day and date on PC, they do not put their games into their subscription when they launch their games.”

Spencer continued by saying he doesn’t understand why Sony is using Call of Duty as an example of why the merger shouldn’t go through. According to him, Microsoft has stated on multiple occasions that it will not remove Call of Duty from PlayStation in the event that its bid is successful.

Spencer claimed that on the day Sony announced its intention to acquire Activision Blizzard, he and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called Sony to assure them that Call of Duty would remain available for PlayStation if the acquisition was approved.

But because Sony is leading all of the dialogue around why this deal shouldn’t go through to protect their dominant position on console, the thing they grab onto is Call of Duty,”

If the Activision Blizzard deal goes through, Microsoft has a 10-year deal with Nintendo to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo consoles. As a result, it’s possible that Nintendo Switch will become the first console to host a Call of Duty game. 

After the FTC filed a legal notice to try to block Microsoft’s plan to acquire Activision Blizzard, it is unclear whether Call of Duty will be available on Nintendo consoles or Xbox Game Pass in the near future. In the event if it is available as a cloud game, it won’t be much big of a deal dur to issues with this service in general, however, if Xbox tries to redevelop the game for Nintendo, well, that’s a completely different story then altogether. 

Sony’s resistance to Microsoft is nothing new, but the company appears to have ulterior motives; only time will tell what they are. Share your thoughts on this matter below.


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