Phil Spencer says Microsoft is Not Going to Stop Studio Acquisitions for Xbox Game Studios

Arguably the defining titles of the eighth generation of consoles came from PlayStation. Xbox, on the other hand, could not deliver on this front even some third-part studios (e.g., Rockstar North) developed exclusive content for PlayStation. Not to mention PlayStation had many timed-exclusives on its name too. Knowing the importance of first-party titles, Microsoft went on a shopping spree and acquired 15 studios, including Obsidian Entertainment, Playground games, and 343 industries in the last two years.

Xbox Game Studios

These studios now come under a parent company called Xbox Game studios. Since the start of 2020, Microsoft did not add any other studio into the roaster, but it does not mean Microsoft isn’t looking for other potential studios. In an interview with, the executive Vice president of gaming at Microsoft Phil Spencer stated that Microsoft isn’t stopping at 15.

As Xbox is gearing towards the big first-party reveal event scheduled for 23rd July, the importance of the statement becomes paramount. The fact that Microsoft is still looking for the right opportunity says a lot about the preferences of the company. It could potentially mean that there could be another deal in the midst.

He also talked about how Microsoft has tried to make sure that these studios retain their originality while being integrated into Xbox Game studios. Spence explained that it is essential for them to accommodate the studios and provide necessary support if needed. He emphasized that they are going at a pace that is maintainable for them as the leadership team.

Mohsin Naeem
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