Pete Lau Discusses The Future of the OnePlus Brand: The Company Plans To Go Back To Its Roots, Budget Friendly Devices

OnePlus phones started off by being the budget smartphones that competed with the high-end flagships. The self-proclaimed flagship killer, the OnePlus One was honestly quite smartphone for the buck. At a time when flagship devices would go north of $700, the OnePlus offered their devices for $400 and more.

In recent developments though, the company’s latest lineup of OnePlus 8 series devices are in no way a budget option. With prices north of $900 for the OnePlus 8 Pro, these devices are a part of the premium device category. In a detailed piece from Fast Company though, we find out what are the future plans for the OnePlus company and the devices that may come. This should be interesting since the leaks for OnePlus Z have shown the company’s commitment to a more budget-friendly class of devices.

What Has The Future in Stored For OnePlus

In an interview with Pete Lau, the CEO of the company, he commented that generally, customers have shown a disliking for the increased pricing. Instead, they look for lower-priced smartphones. The article also indicates that data shows that OnePlus was behind shipments as compared to its rivals: perhaps due to a lower number of orders. On that note, he adds that the company would be aiming to go for more budget-friendly smartphones, as indicated by the leaks of the OnePlus Z. This would also be leaned more towards the Indian and other Asian markets, seeing the trend set by companies like realme.

He lastly commented that the idea behind a great company is the hardware and ultimately making an ecosystem out of it. This is exactly what Apple has done. OnePlus too started out as a hardware company and sticking back to its roots may provide for a good move. It is known that the company has struggled with its TV in India and even their earphones. The recent rumours of the OnePlus Buds show that they’re looking to change that. They plan on unveiling a new strategy altogether eventually and this would mark the new direction the company takes. It would still involve Premium smartphones but the focus would be on the OnePlus roots, that’s for sure.


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