Pentium and Celeron Just Got Alot Faster: Intel Optane Now Supported

Has your computer ever become slow? has it ever felt like it’s not responding quite as fast as it should? whenever questions like these arise, most people assume it has to do with the processor. Though sometimes that is true, most times, installing a simple SSD will breathe new life into a seemingly dead machine. This was the conventional method of solving this issue up until recently when Intel released their Optane Memory Solution.

Intel Optane Infographic

Intel Optane and What it is

Intel Optane is a very interesting solution to slow storage in computers. What it does is it “caches” the data that is most frequently used. Then when that data is requested, it sends it from the cache rather than the hard-drive which increases the read speed of the data over tenfold in some cases. The solution is a market success so far and many people love using Optane with their Hard-drives for those fast read times. It’s quite interesting what Optane actually does for a system and to the layman, it makes no sense. If that’s true for you, then this video should help clear things up.

Now that we have established that Optane is very good for a system and provides a significant upgrade, let’s talk about how much of a difference it makes on the Pentium and Celeron processors.

How This is Good for Pentium and Celeron Processors

Pentium and Celerons are not the conventional market choice for someone wanting to build a new PC for themselves. Most would choose from Intels choice of i3, i5, and i7 processors. The reasoning behind that is very simple, most use cases fall somewhere between these choices. Pentiums and Celerons fall in the category below i3 and it’s something you would consider when building grandma a PC to send e-mails once every blue moon. Though the performance isn’t anything too great, they are an excellent choice for someone on an extremely tight budget.

The addition of Optane makes a world of difference to these chips because though the performance is slow, the experience of using a machine becomes much faster and enjoyable just through faster storage. Furthermore, most average users may not need a very big optane drive, which means they can get a smaller and cheaper variant that is both cost effective and performance boosting.


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Pentium and Celeron Just Got Alot Faster: Intel Optane Now Supported

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