Payday Developer Starbreeze Studios Announces Massive Layoff Plans

Swedish game developer and publisher Starbreeze Studios is laying off a quarter of its workforce. In an attempt to cut costs and remain operational, the Payday developer is dismissing 60 of its 240 total staff.

Starbreeze Studios

The organizational changes will allow the studio to “operate an efficient and profitable business long-term”. Starbreeze currently has 240 employees, 60 of which will be laid off later this year in November. By laying off a quarter of its staff, Starbreeze expects to save 3 million SEK per month, approximately £250,000.

“In the past six months we have made a number of changes to the business following our strategy to focus on the core business,” says CEO Mikael Nermark. “We have divested some operations that we consider non-core and we now have to look inward to make the core business more efficient. To make staff reductions is a tough decision to make, but necessary to enable Starbreeze to develop well long-term.” 

Details about the layoffs haven’t been disclosed. According to Eurogamer’s source, Starbreeze has been “very very open with everything” and are “actively looking to assist anyone affected, up to the point of allowing shared portfolio projects internally of office hours, and introductions to others companies in Stockholm.”

Following the disastrous launch of Overkill’s The Walking Dead, the company entered reconstruction in December 2018. After several extensions, Starbreeze will be remain in reconstruction until September. As of March 31st 2019, Starbreeze employed 580 staff. After spending months in reconstruction, things are only getting worse for the Swedish studio.

The majority of Starbreeze’s revenue is generated by the Payday franchise. Nermark comments: “We have a very strong asset in Payday, which is the foundation upon which we will build Starbreeze future.”

The studio is also working on Payday: Crime War, an “intense new mobile shooter” currently in soft launch in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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Payday Developer Starbreeze Studios Announces Massive Layoff Plans

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