The First Official Teaser Trailer for Payday 3 Has Arrived, Revealing the Game’s Release Date and Logo

What better way to let people know about the game than to release a teaser right at the stroke of midnight, with the cast apparently celebrating New Year’s Eve themselves while staring up at fireworks in the sky?

After the success of Payday 2, Starbreeze Studios and Plaion are hard at work on the sequel, Payday 3, a cooperative first-person shooter action game. The first Payday 3 teaser trailer, released by Starbreeze Studios, reveals the game’s setting to be New York City. At the end of the trailer, the game’s official logo appears alongside an estimated release date of 2023.

The trailer doesn’t showcase much, but it gives us a hint at the setting, and reveals the release window (not the actual date) for the game. Fans who are anxiously awaiting the upcoming shooter Payday 3 can add it to their Steam wishlists now. The game is scheduled for release in 2023 on consoles and Steam.

In addition, the trailer also showcases the logo for the third installment. It is previously known that the game would be developed on Unreal Engine 4, however since then, the developers have been really tight-lipped about the project. 

A lot of people are looking forward to the game, but we don’t know how it will end up turning out just yet. Please share your thoughts in the comments section and let us know whether or not you are excited to play this game.




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