Patents Reveal Amazon is Working on Creating a 3D Virtual Environment Rivaling Google’s Virtual Tour

Panoramic Photography has been in use for quite a long time now. It aims at capturing the same image or video from different angles or perspectives to bring it closer to reality. This technique finds its vast application in film making and cinematography. The goal of panoramic photography is achieved either by 360° Cameras or with the help of using multiple cameras. Here we are more interested in talking about the images or videos taken from multiple camera sources because of the obvious problem associated with them.

Photo by Harsch Shivam from Pexels

Whenever we use multiple cameras to capture different angles of an image or a video, the most challenging task is to integrate all those angles together and then produce a visually appealing single image or video as an output. The synchronization of different scenes based upon their location and the movement of different objects is hard to achieve. A lot of work has been done in this regard. However, Amazon has recently gotten a patent approved regarding Multiple Camera Panoramic Images.

According to this patent, Amazon is developing such a product which is capable of smoothly stitching together the videos taken from multiple camera sources in order to produce unique panoramas. This assembly might be able to accurately calculate the Focus Distance for determining the transitions between different scenes. This product will also be capable of adding or removing objects by properly scaling and masking them from a particular scene hence creating an amazing 3D Virtual Environment.

You must be familiar with Google Virtual Tour or Facebook 360 Videos. These features are meant to provide next-level ease to the customers. Google Virtual Tours are mostly incorporated in Google Maps. For example, if you are searching for a restaurant on Google Maps and you come across its virtual tour, there are very little chances of you to ignore it. What you will do is simply have a look at that virtual tour and in this way, you will be able to know more about the environment of that particular place. Hence you will be in a better position to decide if you really want to visit it or not.

Similarly, Facebook 360 Videos enable you to share your experiences with your friends in a more engaging manner. This feature is mostly used by storytellers to grasp the attention of their readers to the fullest by virtually taking them to the place they are discussing. However, the shortcoming of this feature is that 360 videos are shot using 360 cameras. Amazon is striving to win this battle by combining videos from regular cameras and generating great panoramas out of them. Therefore, we can say that Amazon is trying to bring in a competitive product as that of the Google Virtual Tour and Facebook 360 Videos.

In light of the above discussion, we can hope for Amazon to launch a product for resolving the issues associated with panoramic photography or videography. Moreover, we can also hope that this product will be fully capable of modifying different scenes by adding or removing the objects right according to our needs. So, let us see when this great product appears on the scene, if at all.

Ayesha Sajid
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