Paradox Interactive has acquired Harebrained Schemes

The popular Swedish video game studio, Paradox Interactive, announced that it will acquire the Washington-based studio, Harebrained Schemes. The announcement was made today and Paradox Interactive made a post answering a few questions regarding the deal.

Last month, it was revealed that Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes partnered up for the upcoming turn-based strategy game Battletech. Chief Product Officer of Paradox Interactive, Johan Sjöberg said, “We couldn’t miss the chance to work with Harebrained Schemes given how big of fans we are of their work on the Shadowrun Returns series. The opportunity to reintroduce our strategy-minded players to the tactical roots of the BattleTech universe makes this partnership even sweeter,”

Paradox Interactive stated that “Harebrained Schemes will continue to operate with its own internal management and creative teams,” The games developed by Harebrained Schemes will be greenlit and published using Paradox’s resources. “HBS will continue to have the freedom to creative direct our games and build our player experiences.”

“This arrangement came about due to the excellent experience both companies have had while working together on BATTLETECH. Everybody believes this is a great fit.”

The new agreement will not result in any change of staff at HBS; all executives will remain at their current position. Additionally, there are plans to hire new personnel for the HBS studio. Paradox will handle finances, marketing, PR and distribution, whilst leaving the development in the hands of HBS. According to Paradox, the company “is bringing HBS on board because they like what the studio is doing,”.

The studio currently has no plans for “crossing the streams” of franchises belonging to either studio. Development on Battletech will continue unhindered and HBS will continue developing tactical games with rich stories. Battletech will receive continued support via constant updates and additional content throughout. Moreover, the studio teased that they started “concept development for a new title.”


Farhan Ali
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