Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester believes sequel to Crusader Kings 2 is “highly likely”

CEO of Paradox Interactive Fredrik Wester will be replaced for the first time in 10 years by Ebba Ljungerud. The former CEO said that he believes a sequel to their popular Crusader Kings 2 game is “highly likely at some point in the future.”

Fredrik Wester was interviewed by in May and the interview was published on July 27th. In the interview, Wester talks about Paradox Interactive and their hit strategy game Crusader Kings 2. For a game that was initially released in 2012, Paradox have been constantly updating the game with loads of updates and expansions. At PDXCon, new expansions for Crusader Kings 2 were unveiled and the game is set to receive another one later this year.

“We can’t add much more to the game as it is now. It’s crowded. The map is really big, there’s so much content in there,” Wester says, “It wasn’t really built for all of the expansions we made. It’s getting heavy. We might need to take the etch-a-sketch, shake it a little bit, and start over.”

“If you paid $40 for Crusader Kings 2 when it was first released you will have three or five times the game that you paid for six years ago”

Regarding the release of a sequel, Wester said, “We will probably do it at some point, and the reason for that is the technical depth that we have in Crusader Kings 2,” The former CEO discusses an upcoming RPG title and says that the studio is taking “a bigger stab at RPGs.”

“We have the White Wolf catalogue of games,” he said, “People ask us why it’s taking such a long time to do anything with the White Wolf stuff. And, well, we want to do things the proper way this time.”

Wester explains that the studio is working to escape the slump of releasing fewer, better games. “We’ve released crappy games in the past, many years ago. I know how it is to release buggy, unfinished games. I don’t want to do that anymore.”


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Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester believes sequel to Crusader Kings 2 is “highly likely”

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