Panda CEO Steps Down Following Smash World Tour Controversy

It would appear that the controversy surrounding Smash Bros. is more complicated than any of us had anticipated. In a recent turn of events, Dr. Alan Bunney resigned from his position as CEO of Panda, and the Panda Cup was also postponed, both of which are extremely upsetting developments for the game’s already declining competitive scene.

If you didn’t know already, Smash World Tour, one of the largest Smash tournaments, with a $250,000 prize pool, revealed a week and a half before the tournament that Nintendo had abruptly revoked their license. A statement from Nintendo followed, in which it was implied that SWT didn’t live up to the “high standards” that Nintendo demands of its partners.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, SWT blamed rival organizer Panda Global for everything that went wrong.

Although SWT has claimed that Bunney pushed Nintendo, no public evidence has been presented and Nintendo has denied that Bunney had any influence over the company. Since he quit, it’s safe to assume there’s some type of dispute building, and that’s why everyone is acting so strangely.

It appeared on Twitter that Bunney would be returning with additional information about the case and that he did not believe that he was at fault when he announced his resignation.

Concerning what Bunney refers to as “proof,” he has asserted that SWT has lied, but he has not specified which aspect of the story it has lied about. Inferring from the collected statements, he may be suggesting that SWT has been dishonest about the controversy from the start, shifting blame to Nintendo and Panda in order to deflect attention from the company’s own mistakes.

Although SWT has also issued a response to this matter, the reasons for the CEO’s departure at this moment remain a mystery. Perhaps he was involved in the scandal that led to his resignation, or perhaps he just wanted to clear his name.

Let us know what you think is the true story and who is at fault here. We will keep you updated on more details as we learn more.


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