Arslan Ash and Team Pakistan Remain Undefeated, Set to Face Korea in Tekken 7 Nations Cup Playoffs

The Pakistani Tekken team has finally secured a top-three finish in the Gamers8 Tekken 7 Nations Cup, and will play Korea in semis later today. The team, consisting of Atif Butt, Arsalan Ash, and KHAN, traveled to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia earlier this week for this $1,000,000 tournament.

On July 6th, they started their campaign with a dominant 3-0 victory over South Africa. The next day, they faced Japan, and the hosts, Saudi Arabia. They won 3-0 against Saudi, and 2-1 against Japan. In this match against Japan, despite losing a round, Arsalan finished off the game, winning the boss round, and led the team to victory.

With this win, Pakistan topped their group, staying undefeated!

Yesterday, on July 9, Pakistan comprehensively defeated UK to secure top-three. They won 2-1, and despite Arsalan losing his round, Atif won the boss match to send Pakistan flying through to the playoffs.

The Pakistani team will now face Korea in the semifinals. If they win, they will play in the finals against the winner of the other playoffs. Other matches in the playoffs include UK v France, and Japan v USA.

A victory in the finals would be a major step forward for the development of e-sports in Pakistan. It would also be a significant achievement for the three players, who are all considered to be among the best Tekken players in the world.

The Pakistan Tekken Team

We know how Arsalan is undoubtedly the G.O.A.T of Tekken 7, with two EVO championships under his belt in a really short period of time. We can see time in and again how he’s one of the most decorated Tekken players in the world, and has adapted to any situation. While he had a turbulent past year, we hope to see the best of him again.

Atif Butt, on the other hand is a rising star in the Tekken scene. He is known for his aggressive playstyle and his mastery of the character Devil Jin. Just months ago, we saw him winning the Tekken World Tour Finals.

Khan Imran, a.k.a KHAN is a veteran Tekken player who has been competing at the highest level for many years now. He is known for his calm and collected demeanor, even in the most intense matches. In recent years, we have also seen his ability in competing against the toughest of opponents, and defeating them. Last year, he couldn’t win EVO for Pakistan, but came in 2nd, only to Knee.


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