Overwatch’s New Workshop Prompts Numerous Innovative Game Modes

Earlier today, Blizzard unveiled the new Overwatch workshop. Players can use the new tool to create all sorts of customized heroes and game modes. For example, in the Molten Floor custom game mode, any hero touching the ground will catch on fire. As you can imagine, the community is having a blast coming up with all sorts of wacky new game modes.

Emoting Kill

In this unique custom game mode, players are able to kill enemies around them by simply performing an emote. It’s particularly hilarious watching Soldier 76 eliminate opponents by doing some push ups, and then instantly die to a meditating Genji.

Joined a hilarious workshop gamemode, each time you emote it kills everyone around you from Overwatch

Move the Payload

Getting your team to work together and play the objective is one of the hardest things to do in Overwatch. As such, Reddit user Truckermouse decided to create a game mode in which the payload has magnetic powers and pulls players towards it. Although we’ve yet to see this game mode in action, you can try it out for yourself by using this workshop code.

Since no one is ever on the payload, I made it magnetic. from Overwatch

On the topic of payloads, this custom game mode forces Genji players to stick to the payload. The hero will continuously receive damage as long as they are away from the payload. Fortunately, activating Swift Strike will instantly teleport Genji back to the payload. Fun!

Payload Training for Genji Mains from Overwatch

Putting the ‘Over’ in Overwatch

This is definitely one of the more unique custom game modes that we’ve seen. Reddit user MrMisquito created a game mode which transforms Overwatch into a top-down shooter. As expected, the odd camera angles make aiming extremely difficult. The mode’s creator tried to lock the vertical camera motion to make aiming easier, but was unsuccessful.

I made a top-down version of Overwatch from Overwatch

Gun Game

Gun Game is something Overwatch players have requested since the game’s launch. With the addition of the workshop, Overwatch has received its first-ever community made gun game mode. For the uninitiated, gun game is a unique twist on the standard deathmatch experience in which for each kill, the currently equipped weapon is swapped out for a higher tier one.

Although the Overwatch workshop doesn’t allow heroes to equip other weapons, the mode’s creator has made it so that every kill changes your hero. As such, all of the hero’s ability including their primary weapon can be used by the player.

With the new Workshop, I made a "Gun Game" deathmatch mode! from Overwatch

Check out the Overwatch subreddit to see all of the interesting community creations such as Silver Surfer Mei, moving turret Bastion, and many more. The new workshop has only just launched, so expect to see a lot more in the coming days.

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