Overwatch PTR exploit allows Symmetra to deal 1000 damage in one second

Blizzard has been testing out the hero reworks on the PTR for a while now. The long awaited Symmetra rework went live alongside the update. Unfortunately, shortly after the update, players discovered a massive game breaking exploit that allowed Symmetra to deal an abnormally high damage per second.

The reworked Photon Projector deals more damage but does not lock onto targets. Additionally, it has increased range and regenerates ammo while hitting barriers. The beam is supposed to be used as a damage over time weapon by holding down the fire key, but players have found an exploit related to its initial high damage.


Redditor¬†dexausmelmac¬†discovered the bug and shared their findings on the Overwatch subreddit. They said, “A friend and I went into a custom game to test how extreme the exploit that was on the front page earlier could get. We created a macro which fired the primary fire as fast as possible while still registering a damage tick (once every 21 milliseconds). Testing this out against a large health pool displays how overly powerful the exploit is, especially with a full charge beam.”

Running some calculations reveals that using this exploit results in a damage per second of 789. To put that into context, the beam can do enough damage to kill any Overwatch hero in mere seconds. Check out this gif to see how it looks in game:

The gif shows that this deals about 1000 damage in just over one second. Using this exploit, Symmetra can decimate tanks such as Reinhardt, Winston and Roadhog.

As the use of macros are against the Overwatch rules, it is likely that exploiting this bug will result in a ban. Regardless, Blizzard needs to get on this quick and patch this before pushing the update to live. Until then, it is advised to refrain from using this bug to avoid getting banned.


Farhan Ali
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