Outriders Free Demo Launches Next Week With Cross-Play and Progression Transfer

Upcoming drop-in-drop-out co-op shooter Outriders is getting a free demo next week. Ahead of the game’s full release in April, developer People Can Fly has shared a detailed breakdown on everything that is included in the demo.

In a detailed Twitter thread, the Outriders studio explained that the demo will go live February 25th 17:00 GMT on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC via Steam. It will be free to play and will be available even after the game’s launch on April 1st, 2021.

The Outriders demo only contains the prologue and the opening chapter, so don’t expect to see the “more twisted, exotic and powerful” gear and enemies until later on in the game. Players will have access to all four classes and six character slots. Despite having four classes to pick from, a max of three players can play per group. The studio says that this number is the “perfect max-player sweet-spot for balancing, optimization and visibility”.

Currently, the max level per character is capped to 7, but your progression will transfer over to the full game when it releases. These few levels are enough to try out each of the characters’ skills and slightly progress down their skill trees. Outriders also has “world tiers”, a system which determines the difficulty of your gameplay. The demo allows players to access up to world tier 5, at which point the “chance for higher rarity gear is increased, but the drop chance for Legendary Gear is still extremely low.”

Outriders features an intricate crafting system that players can spend their resources on. Crafting isn’t part of the demo so players are advised to collect and save up their resources for when the game launches. For this reason, People Can Fly has put a cap to resources to make sure characters aren’t too powerful when getting into the main game.

The download size for the Outriders demo comes in at around 24GB for PC and at least 22GB for consoles. Sadly, there is no option to preload the demo.

Farhan Ali
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