Outlook is Getting its Own App On Windows 11 and Windows 10

It will replace all existing Outlook clients on Windows and Mac.

The mail experience on Windows is a bit convoluted. The calendar and mail functionality is merged into one app in Windows 10 and there is no proper Outlook client that’s integrated on a system-level despite being an in-house service. That’s all changing with Project Monarch. With the upcoming revamp, Microsoft plans to replace all existing Outlook clients, i.e., Outlook Web, Outlook for Windows (Win32), Outlook on MacOS, and Mail & Calendar on Windows 10.

Microsoft announced Project Monarch earlier this year, outlining their plans to consolidate all the mail clients available for Outlook into one singular app that’s based on the contemporary web app of Outlook. It was reported that the new app will roll out sometime in late 2022 and now with the advent of Windows 11, we can safely say that Microsoft wants to debut its upcoming OS with this new client. Though, we can expect to see previews of the Outlook app sooner rather than later.

Along with the announcement of Monarch, the supposed redesigned app also leaked online in early 2021. It was called “Microsoft One Outlook”, a title that abides by the “One Outlook Vision” that Microsoft set out last year for unifying Outlook into one ubiquitous service on all platforms. The name of the app has been recently updated to just “Outlook” with a small badge saying Beta on the logo. This insinuates said Beta is likely coming very soon, before Windows 11 launches later this year.

Source: Windows Latest

Outlook-client Source: Windows Latest

We already have an official picture showing off a new Outlook app, the image was mistakenly posted by Microsoft themselves in the release notes for Outlook beta 2 months ago. It offers us a first look at what could potentially be the upcoming universal Outlook app that will be available on Windows 11, Windows 10, and MacOS via browser.

Leaked Outlook app – Source: Windows Latest

The windows boast rounded corners and a much flatter, sleeker and more modernized design. This falls in line with what Windows 11 is trying to be, so it’s likely that Windows 11 will ship with this updated app from launch. Obviously, we can’t confirm if this is, in fact, the One Outlook app Microsoft has been working on for quite some time. It could just be a concept mockup or a reference point of sorts for the developers internally.

Microsoft is dousing every possible element of Windows 11 in Fluent UI and the above screenshot does fit the description and overall design language of Fluent UI very well. The minimal toolbar with soft edges and barely visible lines separating the tools look akin to how Paint will look on Windows 11. While we don’t have any official announcement from Microsoft so far, it shouldn’t be too long before we hear about One Outlook again.

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