Microsoft Outlook ‘Focused Inbox’ Offering Priority Mails Is Scrapped, Indicates Latest Update For Windows 10 Fast Ring Participants

Microsoft Outlook has had an interesting and much-needed feature called ‘Focused Inbox’ for some time now. The feature appears to have suddenly disappeared in the latest update to the entire MS Outlook ecosystem. The change, however, may not be permanent as Microsoft has restricted the Focused Inbox feature only in the latest update to Windows 10 sent out to Fast Ring participants.

Just like Gmail has the ‘Important and Unread’ segregation of emails in the Gmail Inbox, Microsoft had offered the Focused Inbox feature. This made it easier to quickly check out the most important emails. The feature is currently available and usable on the Outlook app (or Mail app on Windows 10), as well as the web version across all platforms of the Microsoft Office platform for Outlook Mail. However, that might just change in the future.

Microsoft Scraps ‘Focused Inbox’ Feature In Latest Update To Windows 10 Mail App:

Microsoft’s Mail app on Windows 10 has received an update. The update appears to have removed the Focus Inbox tab altogether. This essentially means all the emails that a user receives will be clubbed inside a single tab. The arrangement of mails now, without the Focused Inbox feature, would be chronological. Such a rudimentary layout will force Outlook Mail platform users to sift through all the mail that has arrived in the inbox and may cause a significant delay while searching for important or priority emails.

The Focused Inbox feature is quite similar to the ‘Important and Unread’ feature or tab found in Gmail. The feature essentially segregates emails received from frequently mailed contacts. The feature also utilizes other AI-based algorithms that determine the degree of priority. Users have the ability to either include an email in the ‘Important’ category or remove it from the same as well. Over time and regular usage, the feature gains ample knowledge to automatically bring up priority emails from important contacts, and push the ordinary mails to the ‘Everything’ or plain ‘Inbox’ tab.

The latest update that Microsoft sent out is meant primarily for the Mail app. The update takes the Mail app for Windows 10 to Version 16005.12427.41000.0. The update is available only for Windows 10 Insiders in the Fast Ring. In other words, the majority of Mail app users will get to use the Focus inox feature, for now.

Since only Fast Ring participants have received the update which scraps the Focused Inbox feature, it is quite likely that Microsoft is still experimenting. It could also be a software glitch or bug, which is preventing users from using the feature in the Mail app for Windows 10. However, Microsoft could also be conducting a test to ascertain how the Outlook Mail platform usage alters after users are compelled to go through all the recently received and unread email list.

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Microsoft Outlook ‘Focused Inbox’ Offering Priority Mails Is Scrapped, Indicates Latest Update For Windows 10 Fast Ring Participants

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