Outlook 365 and iCloud Calendar Continue to Have Sync Issues after Winter Time Change

There seem to be recurring issues in syncing of appointments between Outlook 365 and iCloud Calendar, Borncity reports. According to them, the dates between the calendars were shifted by one hour. Gunter Born wrote that Volker G. (a blog reader) wrote to him regarding the problems with calendar synchronization between Outlook 365 and iCloud calendar. He complained that since the hourly shift, the times of some of his appointments are no longer correct. Several other users are also complaining likewise.

It is being observed that the relevant excerpt from iCloud calendar that has some appointments differs from that of the Outlook 365 calendar wherein the appointments are now appearing one hour later in the appointment view.

iCloud Calendar (BornCity)
Outlook 365 calendar (BornCity)

The issue has been encountered possibly due to the system through which the dates had been entered originally. This system has not yet received an update, hence the problem occurring in date synchronization. A similar issue was discussed in Microsoft forum in June of last year wherein the user complained that his Outlook 365 had suddenly stopped syncing with iCloud calendar via iCloud for Windows ( He was provided answer to his question by Microsoft Agent Lawrence Lib, “We are aware of these issues and they are currently being collated in this support article. Microsoft is already investigating these issues and as such, will update the support article when a fix is available. In the meantime, we highly recommend visiting this article for further updates and continue to monitor Outlook’s performance on your end.”

There has been no possible solution to this issue till date, even in the most recent documents on Outlook issues. It is yet to be seen when this issue will be addressed.

Maira Ahmed

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