Fix: Outlook 2016 Mac “A Script is attempting to send a message”

Using Mail Merge, a user can send a person letter to multiple contacts from a mail database. Using Outlook and Word Mail Merge, a user can send bulk emails and using personalized forms, tailor each email specifically to the recipient. This is ideal for users with large contact lists who are sending out personalized mail to clients or customers.  A Mac user Outlook and Word explained on Microsoft Answers however, that when running a mail merge from Word, the following error message appeared:

“A script is attempting to send a message. Some scripts can contain viruses or otherwise be harmful to your computer, so it’s important to verify that the script was created by a trustworthy source. Do you want to send the message?”

This script occurs when previously-used settings have not been deleted, or when there are items stuck in your Outbox which the software keeps attempting to send.

Method 1: Remove Unsent Outbox Messages

In Outlook for Mac, use the following method to remove items from your Outbox which are unable to send.

  1. In Outlook, locate the folder pane on the left.
  2. At the bottom of the folder pane, your Outbox will appear at the bottom only if it has items in there. The number on the right of the entry signifies how many items of mail are in your
  3. Click Outbox and you will be presented with a list of items.
  4. Select an item in the window, and as it’s highlighted, press the Delete trash can at the top of the page.
  5. Do this for every entry, exit the app. Reopen Outlook and attempt to send your message using Mail Merge

Method 2: Delete Old Settings

If you do not have items in your Outbox, the problem could be caused by an old profile conflicting with current settings. Change it using the method below.

  1. Close the Outlook
  2. In the Spotlight Search menu in the top right of your screen, search Terminal and click the first entry.
  3. In the window that opens, type in the following:defaults delete

Press Enter on your keyboard.

  1. Now type in the following in the same window:killall cfprefsdThis will remove all cached preferences.
  1. Re-launch Outlook and attempt to send your Mail Merge message again. The warning message should have gone away.
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Fix: Outlook 2016 Mac “A Script is attempting to send a message”

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