Oppo’s Upcoming Hybrid Optical Zoom Technology Will Enable 10x Zoom

The technology will be available in OPPO’s F19 smartphone

OPPO is slowly and gradually increasing its market share all over the world. With the Mobile World Conference (MWC) coming up next year, the company is planning for an optical zoom smartphone. The MWC features leading smartphone companies showcasing their upcoming phones and technologies. OPPO this time is expected to reveal a smartphone with a  10x hybrid optical zoom technology.

According to an OPPO official, the smartphone can be released either at the MWC or at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The 10x zoom feature will be something new as majority of the phones today have 3x optical zoom. In the competitive and evolving world of today, companies need to remain one step ahead of their competitors. And OPPO certainly plans to do that with new innovations.

Other Features

Leaked sketches of OPPO’s F19 also tipped that the phone will have a 10x zoom technology. Apart from the 10x zoom technology, it is also expected that the phone will have a truly full-screen display and triple rear cameras. The full-screen display has been the go-to feature for many smartphone companies.

The triple cameras on the phone will be incorporated on the backside of the phone along with the zoom technology. It needs to be seen whether OPPO will be able to have a thin smartphone or the camera setup will potentially make the phone thick. It is expected that the F19 will be powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 675.

Apart from the leaked design of the phone and the statement from an OPPO official, nothing else has been revealed. The price and features of the smartphone will be revealed once the company decides to launch the phone at either MWC or CES.

Bill Wilson
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