Oppo Registers 40 Future Generation Models in a Bid to Make a Massive European Expansion

According to LetsGoDigital, In an attempt to expand its branding strategy throughout the European continent and the UK, OPPO has begun registering various future generation models. The company has confirmed that it will be bringing their smartphones to the UK after filing their trademarks in the country, however it is yet to be confirmed when exactly this will happen.

With its entry in France, The Netherlands, Spain and Italy, OPPO has officially begun its push into Europe last month. It seems like the Chinese brand has even better plans for the continent as initially only the Flagship Find X was set to go on sale which was later joined by the OPPO A and R15 Pro. The company has just now gotten forty of its new smartphone models registered at the Intellectual Property Office in the UK and EU.

Oppo’s registered 40 brand new smartphone models which belong to its six smartphone lines include: Oppo A, Oppo AX, Oppo FX, Oppo R, Oppo RX, and Oppo UX. Most of the names registered relate to the devices that are yet to be publicized and have never been used before. Considering the fact that many of these devices are yet to be released publicly, it seems that Oppo is using this strategy as a major marketing technique in the UK.

Unlike most other Chinese brands such as its rival Xiaomi which has already been very successful in Europe, OPPO favors higher price tags with greater profit margins. The trademark applications submitted by the company on July 9th show that OPPO has plans to release their smartphones in UK which seemingly cover all pricing brackets. This move aimed at creating a solid standing in the phone market would definitely allow it to go head to head against the likes of smartphone juggernauts as Samsung.

It obviously does not mean that the company will release all these devices in one go. These trademarks are bound to last for years and we may not see them becoming official in quite some time.

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Oppo Registers 40 Future Generation Models in a Bid to Make a Massive European Expansion

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