Opera VPN Making A Comeback In Opera 51 For Android

Opera is fighting for survival at this time, Having a  market share of 3.6%, along with the fact that this percentage decreases with every coming day, the company hasn’t had the best past couple of years. However, ever since it’s acquisition by a Chinese consortium it seems that the team over at Opera are changing their ways. First, they fully redesigned the Opera browser, now they have brought an old popular feature of theirs back to life and have implemented it straight into the browser.

Opera VPN

Back in 2016, Opera implemented a useful stand-alone and built-in VPN service into their own browser. However, after the acquisition of the company last year, the VPN service stopped working, This was reportedly due to the company being split into multiple parts after the acquisition, and it seems that the VPN service ended up on the wrong side of that division.

Today, Opera announced that they were bringing the popular feature back to the browser, as part of its Android app. The new VPN will be implemented in the upcoming Opera 51 for Android. Opera claims that the new VPN feature will give you more command over your privacy and improve your online security. Opera claims to be using  256-bit encryption and they also state that they don’t keep a log of activity data.

However, some eyebrows have been raised regarding the new VPN feature, considering that Opera now has Chinese owners. Users claim they don’t feel comfortable using the service considering the new owners of Opera. A TechCrunch Author approached the Opera team at MWC in Barcelona regarding the problem, and the company stated that regardless of the location of their owners the company is still based in Norway and it will continue to operate under Norway’s privacy laws.

You can download the beta of the upcoming Opera 51 for Android right now. A stable release of the browser is expected today. To enable the VPN, go to the setting menu and flip the switch.

Read more regarding the new feature here.

Murtaza Islam
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