Microsoft Wants Your Feedback To Bring Ongoing Sync Between Microsoft Edge And Chrome

Microsoft officially released its newest web browser Microsoft Edge back in January this year. The new Microsoft Edge browser brings performance improvements including a fresh design and the ability to customize your browsing experience. On top of that, it resolved various issues that existed in previous versions, thanks to Google’s open-source Chromium engine.

Despite tons of interesting features it offers, Microsoft Edge still lacks some key elements, one of them being cross-browser syncing. If you are someone who frequently switches between devices, the new Edge browser is missing the ongoing sync capability between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Needless to say, nobody ties their browsing to one device in 2020. People use their smartphones or iPads to browse, along with their computer. However, it seems like this is something Microsoft is not yet ready to understand, at least for now.

Microsoft Finally Ready to Listen To A Popular Request

Microsoft Edge users have been requesting [1, 2, 3] the capability for almost 3 years now, but Microsoft probably didn’t have enough time to implement the ongoing sync between both browsers. In a recent blog post on Microsoft’s Community forum, the Edge team acknowledged this need. However, the Redmond giant first wants to improve “1st party sync experiences”.

While we recognize this need, we’re currently focused on creating great 1st party sync experiences with your Microsoft account and Work or School account. If you are a Chrome user today, you already have option available to import all your data from Chrome to have Microsoft Edge personalized with all your browsing data.

Although Microsoft has officially released its Chromium-based Edge browser, the company is still gradually working to improve it. However, it doesn’t mean that the sync capability won’t be coming soon. In fact, the company noted that additional syncing capabilities are indeed a work in progress, without any firm timeline.

If you are someone who is still looking for ongoing sync between Chrome and Microsoft Edge, Microsoft encourages its users to share more details about their specific scenario.

Microsoft Edge users who want Microsoft to implement ongoing sync should either use Windows 10 Feedback Hub or head over to the Microsoft Tech Community forum to submit a feature request.

Alex Schoff
Alex is a technology reporter with a particular interest in Microsoft and Windows. He keeps a close eye on major developments related to Windows 10, Google Chrome, Office 365, and more.