OnePlus Open Looks a Lot Like the Find N2 in New Renders

A few weeks ago, OnLeaks shared some renders for what appeared to be OnePlus’ first foldable device. The name of the device was also confirmed at MWC 23, as ‘OnePlus Open.’ However, there was one small issue. According to insider Max Jambor, the phone’s release was delayed.

Initially, it was said that this was done to switch panel manufacturers, but that wasn’t the only reason. Earlier today, OnLeaks surprised us with an updated look at the OnePlus Open, which, from the looks of it seems like it has undergone some pretty major design changes.

Old (left) vs New (Right) Render | Smartprix

At first glance, it looks a lot like the Find N2, due to the much wider aspect ratio. While Samsung, with its 23.1:9 is still leading the sales charts, the more wider and natural feeling 6:5, or 18:9 will be the path that most companies will prefer, simply because not a lot will have to be compensated for.

To put this into perspective, check out this comparison of all three phones (Pixel Fold, Find N2, and OnePlus Open) side-by-side.

Google Pixel Fold
Oppo Find N2
Oneplus Open (Render)

The OnePlus Open, in the renders seems to also have trimmed down bezels, and rounded corners (for the screen). The placement of the front camera cutout for the inner screen is also moved from the left to the right-hand side. The camera on the outer screen is still placed in the center.

The outer frame is also now rounded from the hinge, which gives it a more natural feeling when holding the device, and makes it completely flat when opened.

OnePlus Open | Smartprix

The camera has also had a major change to its hardware with a slightly larger module. The exact specifications, or details still remain unknown, but the leaker says that two 48MP (primary and ultra-wide) sensors, alongside a 64MP (telephoto) module is expected. The Hasselblad logo has also changed, and moved to a more simpler ‘H’ on the back of the camera module.

Inner Display and Back of the OnePlus Open (Renders) | Smartprix

Like the previous render, the flash is on the top left-hand side of the phone, outside the protruding camera module. The back will be made out of faux leather similar to the eco leather on the Find N2. OnePlus is generally looking to bring back the alert slider, so expect that too, alongside a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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