OnePlus Nord Leak: Device Set to be Unveiled at AR Event On July 21

As we get closer to the OnePlus Nord launch, we get to know more and more about the upcoming smartphone. Perhaps it isn’t clear enough but OnePlus has decided to take a new turn with its upcoming, more budget-oriented smartphone. According to recent resources and our platform as well, the OnePlus Nord would cost somewhere below the $500 mark. Not only that, but it would also support the Snapdragon 765G SoC with support for 5G.

Of course, the main hype created was today. In a tweet from Ishan Agarwal, we saw that he promoted the OnePlus Nord launch event later this month. While the photos shared showed the e-vite for the event, it held some important information. Not to mention, Ishan deleted the tweet minutes after he had posted it. Thanks to our friends over at Android Police and XDADevleopers though, they managed to retain and screenshot this information. In an article on Android Police’s website, we get more detail about the event.

The Tweet From Agarwal – XDADevelopers

Right of the bat, the event is scheduled for the 21st of July. This, according to previous leaks, seems to be a little later than what was presumed. Not to mention, it would be a different kind of unveiling. We all saw how creative Apple got at WWDC. This time, perhaps we’ll see what OnePlus has in store. According to the article, this would have an AR unveiling too with the AR experience at this link. Not to mention, the e-vite clearly states that this unveiling would be on the 21st of July. This is, therefore, a verified date for the launch.

Now, we do not know whether this was an accident on Ishan’s part or just a stunt from the company to hype it up. One thing is for sure though, everyone is excited. The phone is targeted towards the budget-oriented market. Perhaps we would know more details in a couple of weeks now.

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OnePlus Nord Leak: Device Set to be Unveiled at AR Event On July 21

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