OnePlus Devices Pushing Bloatware To New Devices: Facebook Download Manager & Installer Forced on Users

One big advantage Apple iPhones have over the Android ones is the lack of unwanted bloatware. Perhaps it is only Google devices which are free of this bloatware. One other series of devices have been avoiding unwanted bloatware as well. These are the OnePlus devices with their OxygenOS. The system is based on a stock version of Android. Now though, perhaps this entire dynamic is out of the question.

According to a report posted on Android Police, there have been a couple of users on Reddit and a developer on XDA who noticed something weird. In the reports, when updating an app from Facebook, be it the messenger or the regular app, these are installed or updated in a different kind of way. According to the tweet from Max Weinbach, he noted that his Instagram app was updated using the Facebook App Manager instead of the Google Play Store.

What Does This Bloatware Suggest?

Now, there are many concerns about this. Firstly, we do not know what kinds of information would be shared with Facebook, a company notoriously affiliated with misuse of information. Secondly, we look at how they would be pushing more apps to phones like this. According to the company, they did this for better integration and whatnot. Again, not much of an explanation. Perhaps, for users, they can do one thing about this though. While the two managers cannot be uninstalled, they can be disabled. Now, we do not know how this affect information sharing but disabling can prevent it from installing apps. It is also important to know: Only newer OnePlus devices are affected by this. This means, devices from 7T and before would be unaffected. Currently, only the OnePlus 8 series and the Nord would have these pieces of bloatware installed.

Sarmad Burki
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