OnePlus Claims Screen Issues are Software-Based: Future Update To Resolve Black Crush & Green Tint in Displays

A while back we got to know that a lot of users were complaining about their brand new OnePlus 8 series devices. It wasn’t the build quality or any heating up, no. Instead, it was the display that OnePlus had raved on for so long. Of course, it is still a wonderful display and if you own one that works just fine, you’d agree too. Back then, OnePlus asked consumers to send back their devices which they would repair or replace for free. Now though, there have been certain developments on the topic.

OnePlus 8 Screen Issues: Hardware or Software?

We look at first what the issues mainly were. There were green tints appearing on the display while most of the customers complained about the Black Crush issues. The former is quite self-explanatory but for the latter, it means that on the screen, the details in blacks or dark areas are completely absent. This is quite sad considering the fact that the devices featured OLED panels. Now, at first, the company thought that it may be an internal hardware issue. The high refresh panels may be malfunctioning. Thus, as denoted by our post as well, the units were recalled, offering repair and refund services. Now, in a recent update on, the company has stated, according to them, that this is, in fact, a software issue, rather than a hardware one.

The company has been pushing updates since this happened and while a lot of customers have reported the issues to be resolved, it is not a common consensus. The updates 10.5.5 and 10.5.6 were quite important for the fix. Now, the company has stated that it would completely aim to eradicate all the issues with a future update coming out soon. That would mean this issue would be resolved for good. There is no definitive date but perhaps it would be soon.

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OnePlus Claims Screen Issues are Software-Based: Future Update To Resolve Black Crush & Green Tint in Displays

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