OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Specs Leaked: 20H Battery Life, WARP Charging & IP5 Rating

OnePlus has been the king of good, budget-friendly products. In the case of Smartphones, the company used to make budget-friendly flagship killers. While that picture has changed to an extent, there are still some items that OnePlus does great and with a modest price tag. The first product that comes to mind is the OnePlus Bullets. These Bluetooth headphones are actually quite good, coming in at a lower price point as compared to the competition. A while back though, we got news of a refreshed model: The Bullets Wireless Z. Now, we have some fresh news about the topic, posted on

The Bullets Wireless Z

According to the article, we have known about the colours these headphones may be coming in. They would be complementary to the ones for the upcoming devices from OnePlus. They got a tip from Ishan Agarwal, who tweeted as well, about some of the features that would debut with the devices.

According to the tip, the headphones would feature a longer battery life this time. 20 hours, to be precise. This is a serious bump in the battery performance and certainly in line with the top contenders in the category. Secondly, OnePlus would be keen enough to make use of its WARP charging on the headphones. WARP charging is OnePlus’ proprietary charging platform for fast charge. Given the smaller battery size of the headphones, a couple of minutes of charging would give it hours of playback, that is for sure.

Secondly, they would be making the headphones to have lower latency. In today’s time, mobile gaming and media consumption have become quite common and thus it is important for headphones to be in sync, perfectly, with the video. Reportedly, this would be brought down to 110ms, a number lower than even the Airpods from Apple.

Lastly, they would be water-resistant as well. These would be IP5 certified, meaning that dust and our jets of water for 10-15 minutes would be no problem for these headphones to handle.

Currently, there is not much known about the release. While some believe that OnePlus would launch them with the OnePlus 8 series event, others think the device may be delayed. We’d know for sure in the weeks to come.

Sarmad Burki
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