OnePlus Announces CyberPunk 2077 Edition OnePlus 8T for 3,999 Yuan

OnePlus announced its OnePlus 8T recently and while the phone is a good device, it failed to “woah” the masses. This is perhaps because the device lacked the innovation the company is known for. Not to mention, the camera module on the back was an eyesore. The company really could have done better with it. The issue is that it didn’t really provide any utility. Instead, it was just a design haul to make it look “new”. We used to have McLaren edition OnePlus devices but since the 7T, we haven’t really seen those either. From a tweet posted by Max Jambor though, we see that the company has come out with something interesting though.

The device is a CyberPunk edition of the phone and it looks stunning. While there is no change up at the front, it is the entire back that has been completely revamped. The device comes in a sandstone type look with the typical cyberpunk accents. On the edges, we can see yellow hues running, similar to what we saw in orange on the OnePlus McLaren Edition devices. The camera module has been designed ever so brilliantly where it doesn’t look obnoxious anymore. The company has made it look like one of those pieces of tech, wireless communicators from a dystopian future we would see in CyberPunk.

What’s in the box?

The device comes with a plethora of different accessories as well. Right off the bat, we see a grip-case which covers the entire back. It provides protection and a completely new look to the phone. We see a fast charger but that is in its typical colour scheme, with the red cable. The phone also comes with a couple of pins that are from the game franchise. There are stickers as well. The entire packaging can be seen in this photo from another tweet. While the picture isn’t at its highest quality, you can still make out of what’s in the box.

Contents of the box – via Torsten

The phone would only be available in China and would come in at the sole configuration of 12GB RAM with 256GB of storage. It would come in at 3,999 Yuan or about $580. This is cheaper than how much it is offered for in the American market.


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