Oneplus Android 10 Preview Beta 5 Rumoured to be The Last One

Recently the news was covered regarding the latest version of android on Oneplus devices. With Android 10 coming in this September, Oneplus officials claimed that for the first time, their devices would be receiving the update along with Google’s Pixel devices. What sets this apart is that developers usually need time to adjust the new firmware with all the glitches and bugs.

Oneplus devices have been receiving developer updates for the 10th version of Android. The unnamed platform has just come out with a 6th developer beta version and Oneplus rolled out its 5th one which is based on the latest edition. According to a report by Android Authority, this would most likely be the last update the company rolls out before the final dull software release.

According to the article, while this is strongly a hunch based on the news about what Oneplus may be going for, the developer beta 5 would be the last one Oneplus rolls out before the actual final build is rolled to the users. The new update brings about Oneplus’ own gestures to the devices. Other than that, it brings about stability throughout the system and not to mention, enables some features that were not working before. While that is the case, there are still issues with Google Pay and other software lags that Oneplus says would not be an issue. Users can dirty flash their device to move to the open beta that would be available soon. It is not definite as to when that would be but there are chances that it would be before the final stable release of Android 10. That confirms the idea of this developer beta version being the last one.

The Oneplus forum shows a post where the news originates from. A thread by one of the staff members goes into detail about the developer preview. While explaining all the new features, including the option for Developer Preview 5 users to be able to eventually upgrade to the Open Beta version. While Oneplus has a history of pushing its updates back to its initial devices as well, (the Oneplus 3 and 3T got 9.0 update recently) this developer preview is for the headlining Oneplus 7 and 7 Pro only. In the thread, there are instructions for users to upgrade to the beta version and for beta testers to roll back to the stable version. Lastly, if you’re a beta tester of Android Q on Oneplus, be sure to report any bugs or problems on the Oneplus community app or by this link.

Sarmad Burki
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