OnePlus Announces OnePlus 8 Series Event For 14th April

Everything seems to be going according to plan with OnePlus. It was only yesterday that Ishan Agarwal tweeted about the final specs of the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. The article on our platform covers it thoroughly. Till now though, there was no certain announcement date for the device. It is because of the recent COVID-19 spread and the subsequent protocols followed. A lot of companies have silently announced new products while online events are becoming a trend. Thus, OnePlus is going to do the same.

Now though, we have some exciting news in store. The OnePlus, around the world has tweeted the final announcement details of their upcoming OnePlus 8 Series of devices. These would obviously be the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. As per usual, the company has made the announcement, paired with a pre launch teaser. The tweet is embedded below.

The OnePlus Announcement (The Possible Meaning Behind It)

In the announcement video, there are a couple of tagline/focus words used by the company. While the main tagline is, “Speed is coming”, the focus is on the immersive experience, the presence of a 120Hz panel and 5G. They also include the fact that it would be a new design and perhaps that is aimed towards the OnePlus 8, gaining the new screen design and the punch-hole camera on it. Perhaps that is what they mean by the immersive experience as well. 5G is pushed as well, which means that the devices would likely support it, all accross the board. Cinematic is another word used. It is most likely aimed at the new cameras and the new, hinted, cinematic mode in the video options.

All of these words point towards the new devices and their specs which were hinted at by Ishan. The previous post, linked at the top: you should read that to get a clear context of what the trailer is pointing towards. While it does take a bit of fun away from the surprise, it is nice to be excited about the new product and the feeling that they may include something new and not expected ( a possibility).

To catch the event live, tune onto the OnePlus website on the 14th of April, at 8:00 AM PT or 8:30 PM IST!

Sarmad Burki
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