OneDrive for iOS Updated to Prevent Accidental Drag and Drop

A minor but significant update has just been made by Microsoft to its OneDrive application in iOS 10 or later which has made it harder for items to be moved around by mistake. It is expected to reduce time consummation for the users by prevention of accidental drag and drop of folders and files. Through this new update, OneDrive app now seeks confirmation of the user’s swift moves for dragging and dropping to ensure that no items are moved around by mere chance or accident.

According to Microsoft’s official app store preview of OneDrive, the new update is aimed at preventing accidental moving of items. It says, “What’s New:  •We love making it easy to do things. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to accidentally move items with drag and drop. We’ve added a confirmation to quick moves with drag and drop to make it harder to move items by accident.”

Some other features that are already being offered by OneDrive include:

  • Quick opening and saving of OneDrive files in Office apps such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint and OneNote
  • Automatic tagging, making it easy to search for photos
  • Getting notifications when a shared doc is edited
  • Video and photo album sharing
  • Highlighting, annotating and signing of PDF files
  • Accessing important files online