One UI 5.0 Officially Announced, Coming to A Samsung Phone Near You Later This Month

Samsung recently has been very consistent with updates, and they have even released the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 beta to users around the world. The Galaxy S22 series was one of the initial devices to receive the One UI 5.0 beta, and now the company has officially announced the software at the recent Samsung Developer Conference 2022

The Galaxy S22 devices on the One UI 5.0 beta have received several updates over the last few weeks, and it seems Samsung is finally ready to release it officially. The Samsung Galaxy S22 devices have received four beta releases so far, and it’s still unclear whether there are a few more to go before One UI 5.0 gets a public release. Samsung didn’t provide an exact release timeline, and only mentioned that the official One UI 5.0 update will roll out publicly for the Galaxy S22 sometime later this month. 

One UI 5.0 – What’s New?

For those using a Samsung phone on One UI 4.0, won’t be noticing a lot of changes upfront. Most of the changes this time around are functional, with Samsung adding a plethora of new features. 

Samsung is introducing Intelligent Wi-Fi with One UI 5.0, giving users in-depth information about the wireless networks around them. The Korean giant is also revamping the notifications panel, now featuring a slightly different look with bigger app icons and increased spacing between two notifications. Users on One UI 5.0 also get more notification controls for individual apps. 

Smart Widgets, Source – GIPHY

Samsung introduced Smart widgets with One UI 4.0, which was essentially a form of stacked widgets. Now with One UI 5.0 Samsung is making it even more seamless, and users only need to drag and drop a new widget over an existing one to create stacked widgets. 

New multi-tasking gestures on One UI 5.0, Source – GIPHY

There are also more multi-tasking options this around, with One UI 5.0 giving users the ability to seamlessly drag and drop apps on the top or bottom half of the screen. 

 You can read more about the new features with One UI 5.0, here

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