Old School RuneScape Suspends Bounty Hunter Worlds Due To “Gold Farming” Concerns

Old School RuneScape, Jagex’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game, has shut down access to bounty hunter worlds. Bounty hunting is one of the game’s oldest and most popular features. Due to recent concerns regarding gold farming, Jagex announced today that it would be temporarily disabling all bounty hunter worlds. In addition, the developer will re-evaluate its entire approach for PvP.

Bounty Hunter

Earlier this week, Jagex revealed its plans for the removal of bounty hunter worlds in Old School RuneScape. The developer claimed that the minigame’s design left it susceptible to players who “abuse its mechanics to generate GP in excess of the amounts available via legitimate methods.” Although there weren’t any critical problems with the mini game, Jagex felt that bounty hunting “undermines other game content and the overall integrity of the game”.

In a today’s news update, Jagex confirmed that worlds 318 and 319 have been closed off. As PvP is a big part of Old School RuneScape, the studio assures fans that a solution is in the works, and that bounty hunting will return in a “couple of months”.

“Our goal is to determine a long-term vision for PvP. Rather than move from one release to the next, we want a clear direction for the next few years that will inform how we design content moving forward.”

“The Old School team will begin focusing on PvP content during our February design days. We want to come back to you with ideas that we can shape and adjust together with our players to ensure PvP becomes something we’re all happy with.”

It will be a fairly lengthy wait before more information about bounty hunting is revealed. While unlikely, it’s possible that the minigame never returns to Old School RuneScape. This would only happen if Jagex’s “technical and rules enforcement-based solutions” end up unsuccessful. Whatever the case is, the developers feel that it’s “time to make a change”.


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