Official Open GApps Packages Now Available for Android Pie ROMs

Earlier in August we covered an unofficial OpenGApps release for Android Pie ROMs, but now custom ROMs have an official OpenGApps package to flash. This is great for Android Pie custom ROM developers and users of third party ROMs who need to include the latest Google Apps in their ROMs (Google Play Store, etc.). Custom ROM developers often do not include Google apps to avoid legalities if they were to bundle Google apps into their ROMs, which is why flashing them via OpenGApps is so useful.

Open GApps Wizard Installer.

While there were a few unofficial OpenGApps ports floating around after the Android Pie source code was uploaded to AOSP, its really great to have an OpenGApps version from the official OpenGApps development team, as there will certainly be less bugs or other little difficulties compared to unofficial releases. This OpenGApps package for Android Pie ROMs is available in ARM and ARM64 architecture and all of variants of those architectures.

There are really a ton of Android Pie custom ROMs out there since the source code was pushed to AOSP, and custom ROM developers tend to recommend a specific GApps package to flash – though typically they recommend one of the official OpenGApps packages. With Android Pie now having an official OpenGApps package, most ROM developers will likely recommend it, which means you can be sure that the package you’re flashing has been thoroughly tested and given its stamp of approval by the Android modding community, as well as containing all of the necessary Google framework add-ons for certain apps like the Google Play Store.

Furthermore, the Open GApps development team has also included a handful of extra features in some of their latest package variants – for example, some Google Pixel-specific features can be enabled on other devices by flashing the appropriate Open GApps package. Features like Action Services are available in the Super and Aroma variants, which enables text selection in the overview screen.

Some other features include “Better Together” for the soon to be released Chrome OS / Android integration, the Markup app for ARM64 devices which allows you to quickly edit screenshots, and Digital Wellbeing from the Google Pixel.

Kamil Anwar
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