NZXT Launches H1 Mini ITX Case Resembling Microsoft Xbox Series X Complete with PSU, AIO, and PCIe Riser Card

NZXT has launched an interesting Computer ‘Tower’ Case. The NZXT H1 Mini ITX Case loosely resembles the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Series X dedicated gaming console. The H1 is NZXT’s first small form-factor mini-ITX enclosure. Despite the rather compact form-factor, the NZXT H1 claims to accommodate most full-sized graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA, and a large AIO liquid-cooling array.

Understanding the dynamic circulation of air inside a PC Cabinet, the NZXT H1 is certainly an interestingly designed case that should appeal to the enthusiast PC building as well as the PC gaming community. The case does resemble the upcoming gaming console from Microsoft but has several provisions that allow PC builders to fit all the latest PC components and hardware without negatively affecting airflow.

NZXT Launches Small Form-Factor Vertical Chassis For Mini ITX Motherboard Which Can Accommodate Full-Sized Graphics Card:

The new NZXT H1 offers a small vertical chassis that follows a minimalistic and clean design philosophy. NZXT promises the PC building or assembly experience with the NZXT H1 should is streamlined. This is because the company is offering pre-routed cable channels, an integrated PSU, as well as an AIO liquid cooler.

The NZXT H1 features a well-thought dual-chamber exhaust layout that maintains increased cooling for the CPU and GPU. Interestingly, despite the seemingly compact and dense assembly layout, NZXT assures the CPU and the GPU each gets a dedicated air source.

The NZXT H1 clearly has a vertical design ideology which is not just compact but also offers a surprisingly small spatial footprint while maintaining support for most full-sized GPU’s on the market. Most small-form-factor PC Cases struggle with accommodating a large graphics card, but the NZXT H1 has a 2.5 slot space dedicated for a full-sized graphics card which should be enough for either NVIDIA or AMD’s most powerful products.

The NZXT H1 comes with an integrated 650W 80 Plus Gold power supply and a 140mm All-In-One (AIO) liquid cooler. This should be enough to ensure the system will run cool and have more than enough power on demand. Speaking about the new PC Case from NZXT, the company’s founder and chief executive Johnny Hou said,

“Creating a small form factor case is something we have always wanted to improve upon because they are often challenging to build in and can hinder the performance of high-end hardware. That’s why we simplified the building process and focused on performance when designing the NZXT H1. We set out to make this one of the easiest builds you can undertake while leaving no compromises when gaming.”

The NZXT H1 costs $350 and is currently available on the company’s official website. Although some PC builders have already claimed that the price is a little on the higher side, NZXT assures that all the components, including the toolless SSD tray, PCIe x16 riser card, pre-routed cables, integrated 650W power supply, and AIO liquid cooler are top-end.

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NZXT Launches H1 Mini ITX Case Resembling Microsoft Xbox Series X Complete with PSU, AIO, and PCIe Riser Card

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