Nvidia’s Gamescom Game Ready Driver 436.02 Causes Performance Issues With Popular Titles

Nvidia rolled out Gamescom Game Ready Driver 436.02 last week. It looks like the update didn’t go well for many players. Many of them are experiencing some major issues with the latest graphics drivers released by Nvidia. The gaming community reported that they experienced shuttering issues and major drops in the frame rates for some games including Battlefield V and The Witcher 3.

The Reddit reports suggest that the frame rate dropped to around 100 frames per second while playing Counter-Strike. Notably, some of them didn’t experience any drop at all but encountered random game crashes.

Some gamers believe that the issue can be triggered by the processor because of the fact that the problem didn’t affect systems with fast CPUs. However, the theory can be rejected keeping in mind that the same issue was reported on systems running the latest Ryzen 5 3600 processors. One of the gamers complained about the performance issues on Nvidia’s community forum.

There’s some as yet unidentified performance issues in this new driver that Nvidia need to work through, DX12 has some sort of memory leak and quite a few DX11/9 games are not telling the driver properly what Prerender amount they want to actually use.

Apparently, Counter-Strike is not the only game that is suffering from performance issues. According to Nvidia’s forums, the frame rate dropped to half for Fortnite and The Witcher 3 as well. It seems like this problem is generally related to Nvidia’s 436.02 driver. Some gamers confirmed that the issue disappeared after they rolled back to an older version. Someone who installed the latest update reported games crashes on the forums.

So far I am experiencing crashes for GTA V and Monster Hunter World, extremely annoying I can’t get 30 minutes into a game without it crashing. I’m gonna rollback to the previous driver and see if that fixes my issue.

Since Nvidia still needs to investigate the matter, we can not draw any conclusion at this stage. Moreover, it remains to be seen how many gamers are experiencing problems after installing the latest Nvidia driver.

The latest graphics driver might sound appealing because of the new features including responsive gaming with ultra-low latency mode. Still, if you are one of those who noticed these issues after the recent update should uninstall the latest Nvidia driver. Considering the nature of the issue, gamers are hopeful that Nvidia will take notice of the problems and release a fix as soon as possible.

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Nvidia’s Gamescom Game Ready Driver 436.02 Causes Performance Issues With Popular Titles

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