Nvidia Will Release Their RTX Laptop GPUs At CES Next Year

Nvidia’s 10 series mobility line-up GPU’s brought substantial performance improvements over last gen. The 10 series also improved thermal performance, resulting in less throttling across the board. Nvidia launched its RTX desktop lineup a few months back and enthusiasts are now waiting for the RTX mobility lineup release. According to Wccftech’s report, a launch might be around the corner.

Nvidia To Unveil RTX Mobility Series At CES 2019

The GTX 10 series really cut down the performance difference between desktop grade chips and their laptop counterparts. Most of the time they were similar chips although the laptop ones were clocked a bit lower.

It would be exciting to see what kind of gains we see with this year’s release. Initial benchmarks from Battlefield 5 show that Ray Tracing is in fact very demanding, so the RTX mobile GPUs definitely need that threshold performance to make Ray Tracing viable.

Review Embargo Till 26th January 2019

Wccftech states that testing is already underway and reviewers should be getting their units soon. After it’s unveiling on 6th of January at CES, a review embargo will be in place until 26th January. Laptops with the new GPUs should start arriving at retail stores by the end of January next year.

This time around, Nvidia is also trying to standardize laptop dimensions with their GPUs. They have implemented a standard where a laptop with a certain RTX GPU has to be of a certain thickness. This is probably done to make sure performance isn’t affected due to aesthetics and the GPUs get adequate cooling.

Will The Laptop GPUs Support Ray-Tracing

Yes, as with their desktop counterparts, a laptop with a RTX 2070 GPU would be the bare minimum for raytracing support. Wccftech reports that the RTX 2070, the 2070 Max-Q along with the 2060, 2050 Ti and 2050 will be launched at CES next year. Anything below the RTX 2070 will most probably lack RTX support so they might be denoted by the usual GTX badge.

RTX 2080 Mobile On Database
Source – Wccftech

A RTX 2080 GPU for laptops is also in the works by Nvidia. The following device IDs can be found on Github.

  • Turing TU102: 1e02, 1e04, 1e07
  • Turing TU102GL: 1e30, 1e3c, 1e3d
  • Turing TU104: 1e82, 1e87
  • Turing TU104M: 1eab
  • Turing TU106: 1f07

Performance And Thermals

There are no performance benchmarks as of now, but seeing the general difference between their desktop counterparts should give some idea. Thermals should also improve as the RTX chips are manufactured on a more efficient 12nm node.

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