Nvidia Volta Gaming Graphics Cards To Feature GDDR6 Memory According To Deal With SK Hynix

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Nvidia Volta gaming graphics cards have been rumored for some time now and we have been trying to get our hands on any information regarding the upcoming GPUs. There was a leak a few days back that revealed that the Nvidia Volta based GTX 1180 could feature GDDR6 memory and it seems that could be the case according to the deal between Nvidia and SK Hynix for the supply of GDDR6 memory.

This deal for the supply if GDDR6 memory has increased the stock price of SK Hynix by 6% and that is the highest that it has been in the last 17 years which is very impressive to say the very least. A single stack of GDDR6 memory has a capacity of 8 Gb so we could see one or two of these in the upcoming Nvidia Volta GTX 1180.

Nvidia Volta Gaming Graphics Cards

We are still not sure whether or not the Nvidia Volta based gaming graphics cards will be coming out this year. While it has been rumored that there will be an announcement in July, there are some patterns and concerns that point in the opposite direction. All things considered, this deal is in effect and Nvidia could make an announcement soon, which is very exciting indeed.

GDDR6 is relatively new technology so we are not sure what kind of boost in performance you can expect to see as compared to GDDR5 but if it is close to the difference between GDDR4 and GDDR5 then we are looking at a performance boost of around 40%. Keeping in mind that Pascal came out 2 years ago, a 40% increase in performance seems to be plenty but we should find out more when the cards are officially announced. Stay tuned for more information regarding Nvidia Volta.

Nvidia Volta Gaming Graphics Cards

Nvidia does provide significant upgrades when it comes to new architectures so you can expect to see some major increase in performance. Keeping in mind how demanding games are getting, we are going to need all the performance that we can get.

Let us know what you think about Nvidia Volta gaming graphics cards and whether or not you think they will be coming out this year.


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