NVIDIA Upgrades SHIELD TV To Android 11, Adds New Privacy Features and aptX Headphone Compatibility

NVIDIA‘s Shield TV is perhaps the gold standard for what a media player/streaming box should be. With support for the latest Dolby HDR standards and 4K streaming, GeForce Now, and AI upscaling, among various other things, it’s the set-top box to beat. The company has released many different iterations of the Shield TV with two models being sold concurrently at the moment.

But, all models released since the very first one back in 2015 have been officially supported through software updates to this day. That’s not saying much as Shield TV is still stuck on Android 9 and was last updated in 2019 through a major software update. NVIDIA skipped Android 10 last year because of the version’s miniscule upgrades and instead focused on making the next version as refined as possible. And today is the day.

All Shield TV devices are receiving the Android 11 update today, bringing them up to speed with other modern streaming players. NVIDIA has just announced Experience Upgrade 9.0, the fancy name for the Android 11 skin, has started rolling out to all Shield TVs today, making it the player’s 27th official update since the Shield’s initial launch.

NVIDIA Shield TV 2019 | Tom’s Guide

Experience Upgrade 9.0

Experience Upgrade 9.0 brings along all the neat Android 11 features one expects including support for aptX-compatible wireless headphones and popular Bluetooth wireless controllers, such as Switch Pro Controller. NVIDIA says every single new additions in Android 11 are a part of this update. But, even more so all the changes Shield TV missed out with no Android 10 will also be rolled into Experience Upgrade 9.0.

This update also adds a new default keyboard, more privacy features including additional permission controls, and built-in text to speech capabilities. That’s on top of the recent interface overhaul Shield TV got to get more in line with the new Google TV UI. With these new changes, Shield TV is about to become even better and feel more modern than ever before. 

GeForce Now on Shield TV Pro (2019) | NVIDIA

Shield TV is now entering its 7th year of service so it’s extremely impressive seeing NVIDIA still support it after all this time. Android devices struggle to see three years of support so seven years is nothing sort of a miracle. But, competition is tough as now more options like the Xiaomi Mi Stick 4K exist that offer customers a pure and clean Android TV experience whereas Shield TV was really the only real option back in the day.

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