Nvidia Turing Trade Mark Registration Spotted

Could Be The Name Of Next Generation Cards

The naming scheme of the next generation of graphics cards has not been confirmed. There has been a lot of debate regarding what the next architecture is going to be called. While some sources report that it is going to be Nvidia Turing, there are those that suggest that the next generation graphics cards will be based on the Nvidia Ampere architecture.

Another confusion regarding the nomenclature is whether the upcoming cards are going to be branded as 11 series of 20 series. We have more information regarding the matter that suggests that the next generation of graphics cards could be called Nvidia Turing after all.

Nvidia Turing

A few days back, Nvidia registered for the Turing trademark, this is the first solid confirmation that we have had regarding the matter ever since we got word of the next generation graphics cards. While this still does not confirm that Nvidia Turing will be the name of the architecture that the next generation of gaming graphics cards are going to be based on, we know for sure that something software or hardware related will be branded Nvidia Turing and we should find out in the near future.

Nvidia Turing
GeForce RTX

While we are on the topic of nomenclature and trademarks, you might find it interesting that Nvidia has also registered some RTX trademarks as well; Quadro RTX and GeForce RTX. RTX is short for ray tracing technology that Nvidia is bringing to the table to it is likely that the high-end next generation Nvidia Turing graphics cards will be branded as RTX 1180 instead of GTX. This would be a simple way of conveying that this graphics card supports Nvidia RTX, so it is more than likely.

Nvidia Turing
Quadro RTX

None of this information has been confirmed or revealed by Nvidia so do take this with a grain of salt and wait for the official announcement before taking things to heart. These are simple trademarks and it is possible that these are for future products and it is also possible that Nvidia is not even going to use these trademarks.

It will be interesting to see what kind of performance boost these upcoming Nvidia Turing graphics cards will have to offer as compared to the Pascal GPUs.

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Nvidia Turing Trade Mark Registration Spotted

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