Nvidia Turing Destroys Pascal In Unreal Engine Benchmarks, Up To 6 Times The Performance Gain

New Architecture Not All That Bad, From Initial Impressions

Nvidia Turing is what is new and the new graphics cards based on the architecture have been announced and will be coming out next month. Right now the pre-orders for the Nvidia RTX 2080 and other graphics cards are live and most of them are already sold out. This means that the general consumer has bought GPUs without actually knowing what they are getting for their money.

Here we have some more official numbers from Nvidia that give us further insight regarding what kind of performance Nvidia Turing will have to offer as compared to Pascal. Pascal has not been designed with Ray Tracing in mind, that is something you need to keep in mind when checking out this benchmark. Nvidia Turing has been designed for Ray Tracing and it is actually one of the major selling points of the graphics architecture. You can check out the Nvidia Turing benchmark below:

Nvidia Turing
Nvidia Turing Benchmark

Here we can see that the Nvidia Turing is able to destroy the previous generation architecture when it comes to performance in Unreal Engine. The boost in performance is up to 6 times. As of right now, there are three RTX cards that have been announced, the RTX 2080 Ti, 2080 and the RTX 2070. These are the high-end graphics cards that Nvidia has to offer right now but you can rest assured that the mid-range GPUs are going to be announced in the upcoming months and that we will also get the entry-level models further down the line.

It will be interesting to see what kind of performance the Nvidia Turing based GPUs will have to offer as compared to Pascal. We have got some comparisons from Nvidia but we are waiting to check out the graphics cards for ourselves and also see the performance in terms of FPS. While Nvidia did talk about FPS in some games, that was very limiting information and we do not really know what settings were used in order to benchmark the games. We only know that the Nvidia Turing RTX 2080 was used and the games were running at 4K. That is not enough information.

Talha Amjad
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