Nvidia To Make Another GTX Card? Recent Leak Suggests The Launch Of the GTX 1160

Budget gamers across the globe have been waiting on word about the RTX 2060 by Nvidia so that they could get the chance to experience Ray-Tracing. While the company is ready to release the card in mid-January, that’s not all they have planned in store. Bullslab Jay shared a tip that Nvidia will also be releasing what will be a GTX 11 series card with the RTX 2060. Based on our previous knowledge, RTX was going to be a thing, reviewers speculated that the successor to the GTX 10XX series would be a GTX 11XX series. We never realized that Nvidia would want the RTX lineup to be something completely different. Although, from the naming, it should have been rather obvious.

The Specifics

The 11 series card is the GTX 1160, though the name GTX 1660Ti has also been heard and some box art has surfaced which supports the theory.

Box Art For a “GTX 1660Ti”

There’s an interesting thing this box art tells us. It is that instead of “Ray Tracing” like the RTX series card have, the GTX 1160 will have “Turing Shaders.” This could mean that Nvidia plans on keeping “Ray Tracing” an RTX exclusive. What’s more is, we know that there will be no low-end when it comes to the RTX series. That said, GTX 1050 and 1050Ti owners might find solace in the GTX 11 series.

Though the GTX 11 series will also be featuring Turing GPU’s, there is a difference in the model numbers of the GPUs. Where RTX 2060 will feature TU106-200 GPU, the GeForce GTX 1160 will feature TU116. Probably indicative of the difference between “Ray Tracing” and “Turing Shaders” that was previously mentioned.

The Bottom Line

Ray Tracing seemed to be a luxury for the 1 percent of gamers; now it will finally be accessible to a larger demographic of gamers. A GTX 11 series sounds like a reasonable upgrade from Nvidia’s GTX 10 series. Depending on the upgrade, users might still be on the fence about giving up the GTX 10 series. Nevertheless, It is good news the warms the cockles of our heart.

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