Nvidia To Introduce its Super Lineup For Laptops Starting Q1 2020

The new 16 inch MacBook became the first ultrabook to feature the RDNA based mobile graphics card in the market. Though these graphics cards are exclusive to the MacBook, AMD has promised to release versions for other OEM developers soon. It means AMD is finally porting their new Graphics card lineup to the mobile devices. It should be noted that these are specifically configured graphics cards for the laptops, the same as the Max-Q parts from Nvidia. Lastly, the performance hit is not as much due to the scalability of the RDNA architecture. It can potentially push AMD towards leading the mobile graphics market, but they have to go a long way, and these chips haven’t even released yet.

We know that Nvidia is the market leader when it comes to any domain of the graphics card market. They follow an aggressive strategy to cope with any discrepancies (AMD releasing graphics cards) in the market so that they are always ahead. We saw this in action when Nvidia launched the SUPER lineup out of the blue, days ahead of the release of the RX 5700 family of graphics cards. According to a report from VideoCardz, Nvidia is planning to repeat this as AMD plans to release their mobile graphics cards.

GeForce mobile refresh Source – Notebookcheck

According to Notebookcheck’s sources, Nvidia is planning to upgrade its mobile graphics chips with the RTX SUPER and GTX SUPER chips. The leak suggests that the SUPER parts will mirror their desktop counterparts with more CUDA cores and higher frequency while the lower tier GTX graphics cards will be upgraded to a GDDR6 memory configuration. These new graphics cards are expected to be released at the end of Q1 of 2020.

It should be noted that AMD will have sorted out their supply problems by then, and the Radeon RX 5700M, RX 5550M, and RX 5300M will probably start shipping on the gaming laptops. Lastly, we expect next year will be beneficial for those who want to play their games on laptops.

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Nvidia To Introduce its Super Lineup For Laptops Starting Q1 2020

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