NVIDIA to Decrease Official MSRPs for RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 Graphics Cards, Price-Cuts Will Be Announced Soon

According to a recent report by benchlife.info, NVIDIA is going to announce new and reduced prices for their flagship GPUs from the Ampere series, namely the RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 series.

The source claims that this week NVIDIA will officially be lowering the prices for the RTX 3080/3090, however the fate of other Ampere GPUs is still unknown. You can thank the recent crash in cryptocurrencies and the downfall of mining leading to better GPU stocks for these price-cuts.

Alleged new prices of Ampere GPUs after being reduced | Benchlife

Benchlife is quoting that the new MSRP price for the 3090 Ti is around $1499 which is a massive decrease of about 25% over the original MSRP of $1999. The RTX 3090 (non-Ti variant) is set to receive a reduction of about 13% from $1499 down to just $1299. The same pattern will be seen with the RTX 3080 Ti, having its MSRP reduced from $1199 to $1099, constituting a 8% decrease.

Moreover, the RTX 3080 12GB never had an official price listing but now has a reduced MSRP of $799. These reductions do not carry over to the RTX 3080 10GB, or any lower-end Ampere GPUs.


A quick look over Newegg, BestBuy and many other marketplaces shows that these changes have been brought into effect.

RTX 3000-series GPUs with reduced prices on Newegg | Newegg via Videocardz

On BestBuy, we see that the RTX 3090 Ti Founder’s Edition is listed for $1599, which is $100 higher than the new MSRP (1500$). Interestingly, a custom AIB variant of the RTX 3090 Ti from EVGA is at MSRP despite having better cooling and higher power limits.

RTX 3090 Ti FE on BestBuy selling for $100 over MSRP while EVGA’s custom variant is priced at MSRP | BestBuy


All of the GPUs mentioned above have new rates at the EVGA direct US site, as well. Surprisingly, the RTX 3080 12GB, which originally costed $799 USD, is currently available for cheaper than the 10GB variant, which itself goes for around $860.

Ampere GPUs with updated prices on the EVGA US store | EVGA via Videocardz

Even more promotions

In order to promote their RTX 3000 flagship GPUs further, NVIIDA has announced to provide 4 free games; Ghostwire: Tokyo, Doom Eternal, Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Parts One and Two; with a purchase of select RTX 3000 series GPUs (RTX 3090 Ti, RTX 3090, RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3080).

Not only that, but it seems as if AMD is also trying to compete against NVIDIA in this regard as recent Newegg listings have shown the RX 6900 XT selling for as low as $729.99, which is a whopping 27% below MSRP (1000$).


All such price reductions point to the fact that NVIDIA is paving way for its next-gen RTX 4000 series. It will be interesting to see what sort of MSRPs NVIDIA plans for the 4000 series but as for now, the customers are set to enjoy some relief after two hectic years.

These price reductions are reported to happen sometime around this week, but as of now, no official date has been announced. That being said, many official websites have already updated their listings with these new MSRPs, suggesting that an official announcement is not far off.


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