Nvidia RTX Titan Pricing Revealed, Gold Variant Might Be In The Works

Nvidia finally teased the RTX Titan and it seems we will see a release soon. Titan cards have always been a flagship line sitting above the XX80 Ti releases. It’s not really a gaming card but Nvidia does market it to gamers.

The Titan Line-Up

Titan cards are generally launched a few months after the release of Nvidia’s main consumer line-up. They are indeed faster in games than their XX80 Ti counterparts, but not enough to justify the pricing exclusively for gaming workloads. Generally suited for people who want both, a powerful workstation and a beefy gaming rig.

Titan RTX Specs And Release Date

Some of the big tech channels on YouTube already have a sample and some of them including Linus Tech Tips and JayZ Two Cents even teased it on their videos. So, no release date yet, but it should launch by the end of this year.

Over the years the Titan series has shaped up more and more as a workstation card and the same trend can be expected with the RTX Titan release. The card will have a full-fledged TU102 chip like the higher end Quadro cards. There aren’t any performance benchmarks yet but Anandtech states “Drilling a bit deeper, there are really three legs to Titan RTX that sets it apart from NVIDIA’s other cards, particularly the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. Raw performance is certainly once of those; we’re looking at about 15% better performance in shading, texturing, and compute, and around a 9% bump in memory bandwidth and pixel throughput.”

Higher end Quadro cards will still perform better in workstation tasks but the Titan does have adequate mileage for data scientists and small studios.


According to Anandtech, the Titan X will be priced at 2500$ USD. This is pretty decent pricing considering how well the Titan cards perform at rendering and other workstation applications. Even Anandtech points this out, stating “Atypically for NVIDIA, this price is actually down a bit from the $3000 Titan V – TU102 is cheaper to make, especially without the HBM2 – but it’s still going to be one expensive card. Meanwhile NVIDIA tells us that we should expect to see the card become available later this month.”

There’s also NVLink support this time around, meaning multiple cards can be linked for more performance. Scalability is a huge plus for workstation cards so this is definitely a welcome change.

This is how the card looks, as confirmed from recent teases. Although a gold variant like the one above isn’t common knowledge, so this might be a new leak. More information will be revealed in the following weeks as Nvidia gears up for the official launch.

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Nvidia RTX Titan Pricing Revealed, Gold Variant Might Be In The Works

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