Nvidia Teased Something Super For The Gaming Community

We know that whenever Nvidia is going to announce “something super,” they release a teaser video way before the announcement of the actual product. It has been the norm for a long time now. They have released a similar teaser again. The video does not reveal much, we can only see the word “Super” engraved on what seems like a Graphics Card shroud.

Though we cannot really say if it is a graphics card or something else, it could be a GeForce notebook too. The video was released today, which means Nvidia is looking towards either Computex or E3 2019. The video ends at the word “SUPER.”

Some rumors suggest that Nvidia is looking to make another Titan Graphics Card line for the consumer market. It has not been the case since the company announced its Titan series. We have only had a single Titan graphics card per generation. They have already released the Titan RTX in December last year.

What we can decipher from this video is very vague at the moment. It could be a nerfed Titan Graphics card that is better than the RTX 2080Ti. They usually market their Titan series towards the pro-consumer market. While many gamers buy the Titan Graphics card for gaming purposes only, we can only speculate at the moment.

Lastly, the fact that they released this Graphics card through their GeForce page makes us believe that the product will be related to gaming.


Mohsin Naeem
Mohsin is a budding writer who has a thing for PC hardware and gaming. He has been building computers according to the need of his clients and is well versed in the area. He is an economics major and the analytical skills he learned from his academics adds to his writing and gives him a unique way to observe the tech industry.

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Nvidia Teased Something Super For The Gaming Community

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