Nvidia SHIELD TV Upgraded With 120hz Support, SHIELD Experience 7.1

Nvidia Continues Supporting Its 4K Streaming Device

While Nvidia SHIELD TV isn’t the most popular device in the market, Nvidia still supports it to the best of its ability. It is safe to say that the device is one of the best supported Android machines out there for streaming and gaming.

Nvidia has just released a new update for SHIELD to add a range of features. After adding Nvidia SHIELD Experience 7 back in June, the company has now added SHIELD Experience 7.1 for SHIELD TV owners.

However, while the feature boosts user experience overall, it is still currently available in a closed preview program. The update also comes with Nvidia Share and support for 120hz which means your viewing experience is going to be much smoother.

You can enable Nvidia Share on Android Oreo through Setting > System > Nvidia Share. You will see Restart option added to “Quick Start” settings. You can long-press the button from the home screen to access. You can quick-tap the home and back buttons to put your device to sleep.

Those familiar with Shadow Play in the Geforce Experience client would feel right at home when using Nvidia Share. You can use it to record gameplay as well as take screenshots in 4K.

The best part about the new update is support for 120hz monitors and TVs. Of course, these TVs would need to be powerful enough to push 120hz on the screen when gaming and watching videos. Higher refresh rates mean a refined, smooth experience overall so 120hz support is a welcomed addition.

As I mentioned, the update isn’t yet out for the general public but soon will be. Nvidia will use user feedback to improve experience before the final build rolls out.

If you don’t currently own a Nvidia SHIELD TV, it’s available on Amazon for $178.96 The device is capable of streaming 4K videos.

Sikandar Mahmood
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