NVIDIA Announces RTX Remix, Breathe New Life Into Your Favorite Old School Games

All of us must have a favorite old school title such as Morrowind, Portal or even something from the past 10 years that we’d love to see remastered. However, recreating an entire game is not an easy task as the financial cost sometimes outweights the demand. Today, NVIDIA during their Ada Lovelace reveal announced RTX Remix. This utility gives modders and developers the opportunity to reinvent old games.

What is RTX Remix?

NVIDIA ventured on the journey to implement RTX in Quake II which as per team green, took a team of NVIDIA engineers, artists and QA experts months upon months to develop. This isn’t sustainable and applicable to every game, so NVIDIA made an alternative. Meet RTX Remix, a free modding platform that makes use of NVIDIA’s pre-existing Omniverse platform. 

Using RTX Remix Portal 2, a game dating back to 2007 (15 years ago) has been given new life with RTX. You can read a more about that here.

How RTX Remix Works?

RTX Remix will launch ‘extremely soon’ enabling modders to remaster DX8 and even DX9 titles. In your favorite game? Good, now just press the hotkey and NVIDIA’s RTX Remix Runtime will capture the entire scene including the textures, shadows and even the lighting. This works because old games use the D3D9 runtime to send instructions to the GPU. NVIDIA’s RTX Remix Runtime just intercepts them and then Omniverse does the magic. 

How RTX Remix Works | NVIDIA

The in-game assets are easily portable into a wide variety of softwares such as Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Blender and even Epic GamesUnreal Engine. This will make modding much more easier than before, allowing modders to tinker with all sorts of assets. 

RTX Remix ON vs OFF

NVIDIA then went on to showcase a plethora of images and comparisons and the results are, really surprising to say the least. As you can see, RTX Remix literally reinvents the entire scene. 

In another scene, RTX Remix gives us straight out-of-the-world quality improvements. 

For accurate 4K comparisons, visit NVIDIA here


All in all, in a 1-2 years seeing your favorite games remastered will not be as much of a major hurdle as it is today. Just as food for thought, what if RTX Remix can work with physics in the future. That’ll surely open a new world of opportunities.


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