NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs Will Launch With First, Founders Editions Next Month But AMD’s Big Navi Delayed?

The next-gen Ampere-based NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics Card could launch as early as next month. Although NVIDIA hasn’t officially confirmed the launch date, the new and powerful GPUs could launch beginning with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Founders Editions.

According to multiple reports, NVIDIA is all set to launch its next-gen GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards in August 2020. Official availability would kickstart with the Founders Editions in the same month, followed by third-party variants in September.

NVIDIA Has Moved Up Its GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards Launch Period To Take On AMD’s Big Navi GPUs?

The next-gen Ampere-based NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards have routinely appeared online in benchmark leaks and alleged specifications. In fact, the company has been making some very interesting design choices. While the expensive Founders Editions have a heavily optimized shroud and cooling mesh reportedly costing $150, NVIDIA has taken some very competitive approach while designing the mid-range Ampere graphics cards.

The latest information, which appears to have been derived from multiple sources, claims NVIDIA is set to launch in Ampere-based NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards in August. While the Founders Editions will arrive first, the third-party variants, with reasonably attractive prices, will arrive a month later in September. The site that claims to have first reported the developments, mentioned,

“Other information from our own sources allows us to think that NVIDIA could announce its next RTX in the course of August. Official availability would be immediate (Founders versions) and the first custom cards could arrive in September. This last information is at this moment cross-checked by 2 different sources. They could explain the current acceleration of the stock cleaning of the high-end Turing.”

“Obviously, it is appropriate as usual to take a step back on these rumors but we have taken care to specify that for Big Navi the leaker has so far proven to be reliable and that for NVIDIA our own sources come from the European market within of two different brands.”

NVIDIA Ready With Ampere GPUs But AMD Struggling With Big Navi?

It appears NVIDIA might have moved up the launch period to take on AMD’s Big Navi based Radeon RX Graphics Cards with RDNA 2 and ray tracing ( at least in the high-end variants). AMD’s next-gen GPU architecture is powerful, but what is equally interesting is that AMD is reportedly committed to packing more VRAM on the Graphics Cards.

However, it is likely that NVIDIA might have moved in haste unnecessarily. According to a tipster, Big Navi will be there for the fourth quarter of this year. But it seems AMD could be lagging in the schedule. The company might have sent over the first validation sample for driver development very recently.

Moreover, AMD engineers are reportedly still waiting for the green signal to visit China-based manufacturing and test labs to test the final GPU performance. Simply put, this means AMD is nowhere close to meeting the rumored commitments about the delivery of Big Navi-based GPUs. Additionally, it also means AMD might get more time to properly price their next-gen graphics cards based on the RDNA 2 Architecture.

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